What is numerology?

What is numerology and where does it come from? There are many theories and many places of origin and individuals are mentioned. Therefore a lot of different and various systems about the topic are available.

But if you look up 'numerology' at the internet, you will not find many articles that explains the background of the subject in a scientific way. Only a lot of services trying to steal your money!

And it's numerology in a nutshell. No one knows exactly where, how or why. But it works. Especially if you believe in it!

To answer the question: Numerology is about converting your birthday and name into numbers. Each number has it's own significant meaning. Believe it or not!

At numberology you can try out Cheiro's numerology system and (soon) Norman Shine's numerology system in relation to your name and your birthday! Do it for yourself or for someone you know. It's all free!



The numberology team, Copenhagen, 2016